Santee Tribe Origins

Running Wombat and his daughters Nature Caterpillar, Curious River and Dancing Turtle lived on the outskirts of the Wakapalaka territory.  They were active members of the tribe travelling to meet up with their tribemates at the Tribe meetings, Longhouses and other Timucuan Federation events.

There came a time when Running Wombat couldn’t catch any more fish, the wild mushrooms grew scarce and the fleet footed deer were no longer seen.  Running Wombat told his daughters he had heard of a place many hands away with plentiful game and fruits just waiting to be picked.  They would move to this place, but would most likely not be able to return for Wakapalaka tribe meetings.

His daughters were sad, but understood the family needed to move their Teepee.  Together, they asked Running Wombat “ Can we start a new tribe in our new home?”

Running Wombat consulted with the wise elders of the mighty Timucuan Federation and they agreed a new tribe would be formed, this new tribe would be part of the Sioux Nation with Running Wombat as its first chief.  The Tribe was named for the Santee people of the Eastern Dakota.

Running Wombat invited the Federation Chief and Medicine Man to his new teepee in the orange groves to help with the first meeting of the Santee tribe.  They welcomed new big braves Swimming Yeti and Tatonka who lived close by on the shores of Medicine Man Lake.  They brought their princesses Swimming Unicorn, Little Silky and Princess Unicorn.  Chief Two-Toed Brown Bear came from the east across the great stone bridge with his princesses,  Pokin’ the Bear and Boujee Bear.

This was the beginning of the great Santee Tribe.