Suwannee River Canoe Trip

Every year while peacefully floating and paddling down the beautiful Suwannee River with my son, Fast Jaguar, I remember why I enjoy this trip so much.  The quiet, the coolness of the water, the camaraderie between different tribes and the one-on-one time with my child in a canoe is what makes it unique compared to all our other events.  This past Saturday, August 6th was no different.  We had 15 families from both boys’ and girls’ tribes.  Perfect weather graced all 29 people and 12 canoes that left the Suwannee Canoe Outpost in the morning. We stopped several times to swim, rope swing, and eat lunch.  We all made it to Holton Creek River Camp just before dinner and just before a light rain shower. Sunday we paddled the rest of the way to Gibson Park and just after lunch Outpost vans took us back to our cars.  The Great Spirit was pleased!

Big How!

Red Bear