2016 Boys Spring Longhouse

The weather was hot but the spring was cool. Last weekend the boys had a great Longhouse at Blue Springs Park. While there was an egg toss, critter race and zip line for entertainment, the real hit is always the Blue Springs, especially the high dive platform.

Big Bobcat and Big Tree cooked up an amazing meal with the help of the Kickapoo tribe. We ate pulled pork, brisket, ribs, beans, potato salad and chips, with plenty of drinks for the kids.

Eagle Heart and his assistant set up a flawless sacred fire display and provided a great setting for the breaking arrow ceremony. Timucuan Federation also celebrated the departure of many of its pathfinders as enjoyed the presentation of special gifts for both Kicking Buffalo and Flaming Arrow.

The following Medals were awarded:

Best Dive/Splash:

1st : Josh “Screaming Eagle” Rossello – Ottowa
2nd : Aiden “Bull in China Shop” Ryan – Yuma
3rd : Travis “Little Big Red” Woodlief – Ottowa

Special Mentions for the following Big Brave Splashes

Bill “Kicking Buffalo” Valentino – Pathfinders/Yuma
Justin “Big Tree” Ellenberger – Kickapoo
Frank “Sun Fire” Silverio – Yuma

Critter Race:

1st : Riley “Free Spirit” Fluent – Chippewa
2nd : “Running Lightning” – Shawnee
3rd : Zach “Little Fire” Stephens – Kickapoo

Egg Toss:

Ryan “Adamite” Brown -Shawnee

Punt Pass & Kick:

1st : Josh “Screaming Eagle” Rossello – Ottowa
2nd : Aiden “Bull in China Shop” Ryan – Yuma
3rd : Eli “Gold Bear” Smith – Coyotero

Apache Best Camper: Conner “Mighty Eagle” Mc Daniel

Algonquin Best Camper: Jack “Jack Rabbit” Troug

Apache Best Campsite: Coyotero

Algonquin Best Campsite: Shawnee

Thanks for coming out.

Chief Spirit Bear and Chief Big Red.