2015 Holiday Ice Skating Party

Great memories were made at Jacksonville Ice and Sportsplex where Timucuan members had fun ice skating, sipping hot chocolate, and watching the “snow” fall. We had a great turnout with over 100 members in attendance, including a lot of first time skaters using “walkers” for balance. The United States Marines Corps Reserve sent one of their finest to help us with our Toys for Tots drive. We’re very proud of our members for bringing an impressive sackful/truckful of toys that will soon be in the hands of less fortunate children at Christmas.

Some may have noticed a sign at the rink advertising “Scouting Days” on Sunday afternoons. Every Sunday 2-4pm is open skate, and we get a significantly reduced rate by wearing our NS&D shirts and/or vests while we skate and paying as a group. Any size group is accepted. This would be a great tribe outing. Call the rink for more information.


Iron Wolf