2015 Girls Fall Longhouse

This year we returned to Camp Immokalee for our Girls Fall Longhouse. Having close to 300 in attendance made this the most successful Longhouse we have had in a while. It was great to see everyone having such a great time. We had the opportunity to see many different tribes perform skits for us, as well as the dads participating in the egg toss with their children.

It was great to see so many new families representing the Native Sons and Daughters at the sacred fire for the acorn ceremony. This is a special time as the dads and daughters begin to form the special bond they will share during their time together in the NSD program.

We also had the opportunity to honor a former member, Jay “Silver Bear” Smith for all that he has done for our organization. Jay’s family, and many former members of our organization, were there to join us for this special ceremony. And we wrapped up the night with a firework show for all to enjoy.


Thank you all for your help in making this a memorable Longhouse,

Chief Tomahawk and Chief Swamp Gator