Monster Jam 2019 – Yelling for the big Iron Ponies!

Yelling for the big Iron Ponies!

The great Timucuan Federation sent 70 of its braves, princesses, fathers, and mothers to watch the Big Iron Ponies belch fire from their throats and send thunder across the heavens. It was almost not meant to be as the clouds unleashed the rains across north Florida. But the mighty Timucuan Federation was not deterred! Some arrived early to meet the colorfully clad riders of those ponies or to share bread and firewater. Others arrived right at the beginning of the first race. In Section 222 of TIAA Bank Field, we sat on slightly wet seats to cheer on our favorite monster truck or driver.

The night began with 14 trucks running in heats of two laps around the course. Crusader destroyed Monster Energy. Black Pearl defeated Monster Mutt. Jester whooped up on crowd favorite El Toro Loco. Whiplash beat Megalodon Fire. Kraken demolished Black Stallion, while Dragon Ice and Grave Digger had byes into round two. And unfortunately for Overkill Evolution who could not race, Over Bored walked through to round two as well. More energy could be felt steaming up from the fans as Dragon Ice, Black Pearl, Whiplash, and Over Bored moved on to the semi-finals. Here Dragon Ice showed its dominance and Over Bored proved it was no luck for its place in the Finals. And with only tenths of seconds between best times, Dragon Ice emerged victorious!

After a brief intermission, it was time for the donut competition. Here fans could take advantage of 21st century technology and enter their scores for each monster truck and watch their average appear on the giant jumbotron. With a possible 10 points max Megalodon Fire, Monster Mutt, and Black Stallion could not even get past 5.8 to impress the crowd while poor Overkill Evolution did not even participate. Crusader, Kraken, Black Pearl, and Over Bored managed to score in the 7’s with Monster Energy, El Toro Loco, Jester, and Dragon Ice spinning above them into the 8’s. That left just two trucks. Whiplash whipped up the crowd, but it was eternal national favorite Grave Digger who won the donut competition.

One more visit to the stinky rooms and fragrant food facilitators, and then it was freestyle time. Again fans were able to submit their scores for their top performance of the night. The freestyle went better than the donuts with only three trucks averaging less than 5.7. Three more trucks stayed in the 6’s and 7’s which left 8 trucks duking it out for the win. A fan favorite with driver Becky McDonough, El Toro Loco jumped, spun, and rode the air into the low 8’s while Black Pearl, Megalodon Fire, and Jester screamed ahead in points. Grave Digger seemed almost unstoppable until Monster Energy back-flipped its way to winning the freestyle competition.  But that single event victory was short-lived, and the ever-popular Charlie Pauken brought home the Overall Event Champion win for Grave Digger.

So if you want to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the great Iron Ponies, come out next year to the Monster Jam. You will NOT be disappointed.

 – Storm Cloud