Costume Bowling

Big How!

This Sunday we held our annual Costume Bowling event at Bowl America in Mandarin. We had 72 kids bowling which was the most ever, thanks to all the parents who came out. There were many fine costumes. We had Ghosts and Ghouls, Harry Potter and other assorted Hogwarts students, M&M’s, pirates, Indians and a mad scientist. Several of the Dads were also in costume and we handed out our first Dads costume award. Thanks to Chief Crockwater for announcing and our Fed Chief Big Red and Medicine Man Red Bear for their esteemed judging.

Costume Bowling Awards

  • Most Creative Homemade Costume – “Klinger” Anderson Loft (Mohave)
  • Funniest Boys Costume – “I’m Fine” Magnus Schmidt (Kiowa)
  • Funniest Girls Costume – “A League of Their Own” Gwynn Boree (Wakapalaka)
  • Scariest Boys Costume -“Clown” Lucas Lieberman (Oconee)
  • Scariest Girls Costume – “Cheerleader” Madelyn Wesner (Dakota)
  • Best Dads Costume – Jason Dukette (Mohawk)
  • Tribe Award – Wakaplaka

Check out the Timucuan Shutterfly Site for more pictures from 2019 Costume Bowling.

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