Spring Longhouse 2021

The boys’ and girls’ tribes came together once again on the weekend of April 24, 2021 under a Fish Moon for a fun-filled Longhouse weekend at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.  We had 140 dads and kids camping together at the Suwannee Lake District.  For many, this was their first time camping and for several, this was their last time camping who participated in the sacred breaking arrow ceremony.
Severe storms were forecasted for all day Saturday, but the Great Spirit watched over us and kept the hail, severe storms, and the tornado watch 20 miles North of us all day long.  It was enough to make one believe.
We shot BB guns, bows & arrows, we tossed eggs, and the highlight was the slip & slide on the beach into the Mighty Suwannee River.
Our Skit Contest (Limelight) was fantastic and Big Red’s Famous Critter Race included a real 4-foot rat snake from the girls’ Mohawk Tribe.
Luca “Bull-in-China-Shop” Maiocco received the Medicine Man Award and the Shawnee Tribe received the Federation Chief Award.
A highlight on Sunday morning was when Sean “Little Wolf” Leonard was given a $10 bill and two $5 bills to buy 8 raffle tickets to try for a chance to win, among many prizes, an Oculus Virtual Realty Game.  When Little Wolf arrived to purchase the tickets, all he had was one $5 bill.  The other two bills got lost on the way and he was only able to purchase 1 ticket.  The Great Spirit must have had pity on Little Wolf, and after all the raffle prizes were selected Sean won the Grand Prize Oculus with his one and only ticket.  The Great Spirit’s presence was felt all weekend with laughter and many, many lifelong memories that were made.
Big How and a Big Thank You to Soaring Falcon, Lion Heart, Iron Wolf and Storm Cloud for organizing the event as well as our War Chief, Whispering Moon and our Pathfinder Chief,  Peterbilt who helped make the Spring Longhouse 2021 another successful event.  Big How!
Chief Red Bear