Cayuga Reports

My favorite part about Native Sons and Daughters is hanging out with my dad and tribe, some of my favorite places to go camping are Suwannee and Blue Springs. Last week April 12-14 we went to Hannah Park and spent one day at the beach building sandcastles, doing the egg toss, and more fun things. Native Sons and Dughters is my favorite thing to do with my dad – Pretty Unicorn (Leah Sharpe)

My name is Gemma Masiti. I liked the crab hunt the best. The shark was cool. The donuts was fun – Singing Rainbow Fish (Gemma Masitti)

What I loved about the program is going to the beach and going to the crab hunt and celebrating my birthday and eating the red velvet cake my mommy made. What i loved about the program is going bolling (bowling) and camping and ice scatting (skating) and doing the opening ceremony and spending time with my daddy – Dancing Butterfly (Isabella)

What I like about Native Sons and Daughters What I like about Native Sons and Daughters is that I get to spend time with both my father and my friends. One of my favorite things to do is going on camping trips. The last camping trip I was on I got to set up my fishing rod and go fishing with my dad and my friend. We used hot dog as bait. We could either camp in a tent, cabin, or camper. A few other things we do while we are in Native Sons and Daughters is making pine wood derby cars then racing them, lemonade stand or even a bake sale to raise money for charity. Me and my dad went on a camping trip in April 2019. Me and my dad went on a Friday right after school and then it was about 45 min drive to the Hannah park. At Hannah park there was a beach right close and a lake and also a splash pad. If you like biking or walking on trails Hannah park would be the best place for that. Also there are many playgrounds and a splash pad for smaller kids in the Native Sons and Daughters or for people going to Hannah park. – Shooting Star (Zoe Yates)