2016 Girls Fall Longhouse

Girls camping with their dads! Yes, that’s right, Native Sons and Daughters of Jacksonville is a child parent organization designed to strengthen parent-child, spiritual, neighborhood and inter-communal bonds. The most recent dad and daughter camp was a huge success. The campout took place the weekend of October 22nd at Camp Blanding. The group participated in many activities including archery, campfires, tug-of-war, tribal skits, and a water balloon fight. The facility at Camp Blanding has a museum on site that most of the campers visited and enjoyed. For more information and on Native Sons and Daughters you can visit their website www.nsdjax.org or find them on Facebook by searching Native Sons and Daughters – Timucuan Longhouse.

Check out the Timucuan Shutterfly Site for more pictures from the 2016 Girls Fall Longhouse.

Oglala tribe members, winners of the tribal skits completion

Cayuga tribe members, winners of best tribal property display for Sioux Nation

Swamp Gator