2015 Summer Bowling

Chiefs, braves and princesses,

The final results are in and the 2015 Ray Potts Summer Bowling league has concluded.

First off, almost 90 different children from our program joined their dads and bowled at least one weekend this summer. Big How to the Big Braves for taking the time out of their weekends and enjoying a couple of hours creating memories with their child.

A new category this year, the Pathfinders had the most total number of games bowled with 7 different members bowling 58 total games. The Cayuga tribe had the most members participate by having 8 different children bowl a total of 38 games. Very special kudos go out to the Ottawa tribe who had only 3 children bowl 32 total games. Big How!!

Final Results

5-8 year old division

1st Place: Travis Woodlief (Ottawa) 6 game average of 127.3
2nd Place: R.J. Sullivan (Ottawa) 6 game average of 105.5

9-12 year old division

1st Place: Fulton Woodlief (Ottawa) 6 game average of 128.3
2nd Place: Isabella Hutchins (Blackfeet) 6 game average of 122.8

Pathfinders Division

1st Place: Evan Quirk, 6 game average of 158.5
2nd Place: Angela Valentino, 6 game average of 112.5

All awards will be presented at the City Wide Pow Wow on September 26th.

Very special thanks go out to my co-event host, Bill “Kicking Buffalo” Valentino

In Service,

Brian “Flaming Arrow” Quirk