2015 Costume Bowling

Costume Bowling was a great time for those who showed. There were a lot of great costumes to be seen. I would like to thank the 86 participants that bowled in a costume or with a son or daughter in a costume even after Halloween was over. I would also like to recognize the winners of the event. We had Mohsin Din for Scariest Son and Devyn Nickel for Scariest Daughter. We had Mason Pester for Funniest Son and Sophia MacClellan for Funniest Daughter. We had Benjamin Marcellus for Most Original Son and Katie Redway for Most Original Daughter. We had Dylan O’Donohoe for Best Overall with his hand made Lego costume that he actually bowled in once. And last but not least we had Calista, Clint and wife Nowak all show up in Scary Family Costume to win the Best Family Costume over the other four families in the running. All of them were great but having the wife show up to bowl in costume gave them the win.

Thank you all again for joining me in this event and sharing a memorable time with the ones you LOVE. Please view the pictures on our website.

Big How!!!
Flash of Lightning