Girls Fall Longhouse 2021-22

Big How and a thank you to everyone who braved the severe weather and participated in the 2021 Girls Fall Longhouse.  Despite the rain, we all had a blast participating in the karaoke and free BBQ on Friday night. On Saturday, the Great Spirit smiled down upon us and the skies opened to fill the remainder of the Fall Longhouse weekend up with sunshine to carry on with most of the outdoor games, tribe battles, and a skit contest that provided many laughs. Big How!!

Winners and Awards:
8 and Under Egg Toss
1st:- Singing Rainbow Fish
2nd:- Yellow Canary
3rd:- Sparkle Princess Pony

9 and Over Egg Toss
1st:- Princess Snowflake
2nd:- Leaping Bears
3rd:- Dashing Dolphin

Skit Contest
1st:- Wakapalaka
2nd:- Puma
3rd:- Mohawk

Best Campsite:- Puma
Best Tribal Spirit Stick:- Wakapalaka

Fed Chief Award:- Wakapalaka
Best Camper:- Raging Peacock