2018 Summer Bowling Recap

Here are some statistics from this year’s summer bowling events:

Bowling days: 6
Average outdoor temperature: 91°F
Average bowling alley temperature: 72°F
Tribes represented: 13
Bowling patches earned (3 or more events): 19
Bowlers: 71
Highest single game score: 163
Total games played: 276

1st Place Boys Tribes – Fulton Woodlief
2nd Place Boys Tribes – Michael Sullivan

1st Place Girls Tribes – Madelyn Wesner
2nd Place Girls Tribes – Mallory Wesner

1st Place Pathfinders – April Lyncker (Highest Single Game Score)
2nd Place Pathfinders – Dana Klueppel

It took 276 games to find our trophy winners this year, but the group that showed up on the last bowling Sunday seemed ready for another 200 games. Maybe they just weren’t ready for school to start again soon, or maybe they’ve developed a real love of bowling and had a great time all summer hanging out with Dad at the lanes. Bowling will be back again soon enough, and next time in costume for our annual Costume Bowling on October 28, 2018.

I’d like to give a special Big How to the Ottawa Tribe for having the most frequent member attendance. This includes the only member to attend all six events: Travis Woodlief. Cayuga, Kiowa, and Wakapalaka deserve some honorable mention for showing up in force as well.

It was also very nice to see so many program shirts, vests, and headdresses this year. We may have even recruited some casual bowling families this year that came up asking about our vests and patches.

Until next summer, bowlers. BIG HOW!

Chief Iron Wolf