2018 SQM Family Campout

All who attended the weekend Feb 9, 2018 really enjoyed the 8th annual SQM Family Campout located at Camp Chowenwaw campground in Green Cove Springs. We were fortunate to enjoy some really great camping weather. During the day Saturday, events kicked off with a tour of the Chowenwaw museum and afternoon visits to the Nature Center. Many families were seen riding bikes and hiking on the trails throughout the day.

Once again, the highlight of the campout was The Fed Feast dinner Saturday evening. I want to thank Peterbilit and 2Towed Brown Bear for their help to cook up some outrageously good BBQ, brisket, pork loin, and more.

Overall, the Campout was great. The venue was outstanding having cabins and terrific facilities.

Some lessons learned include trying to find a weekend for optimal turnout or possibly rebrand as a combined winter longhouse. We moved the campout from weekend before Super Bowl to weekend after to target better weather and turnout but it seems many families had other plans then and turnout was much lower than it should have been. It seems many tribes consider this an “optional” campout and don’t bother, which is too bad. Also, the good news is that Chowenwaw is a local commute, but there was a bit of a hike with carts and gear for those staying in tent camping zones.

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