2015 Spring Boys Longhouse

The weather held out and the boys had a great time at Blue Springs.

We had a great opportunity to dig for artifacts on a site where woolly mammoth bones and teeth have been found. Thanks to our National Archaeological Dig Society representative Kicking Buffalo, we were alerted of the recent weather and geological phenomenon that gave us an advantage in finding artifacts that particular weekend.

While we had war games, it was the springs that seemed to be the big attraction. It offered a great chance to cool off and show off our superior diving skills. Luckily, the spring was able to keep the water at a constant level with all of the huge splashing going on.

Many, many ribbons were given out along with the following Medals:

Best Apache Campsite: Kiowa
Best Algonquin Campsite: Shawnee
Critter Race Winner: Fast Rabbit – Shawnee
Egg Toss Winner: Snapping Gator and his dad Grinning Gator
Firestarter Awards: Little Lizard – Tonkawa
Green Arrow – Tonkawa
Archery Awards: Red Fox – Chippewa
Lightning Wolf – Shawnee
Flaming Scorpion – Pueblo
Dark Wolf – Pueblo
BB Gun Awards: White Wolf – Yuma
Tackling Tiger – Kickapoo
Little Lizard – Tonkawa
Red Eagle – Pueblo
Biggest Splash: Thick Skull – Kickapoo
Tenderfoot – Ottowa
Polar Bear – Pueblo
Flaming Scorpion – Pueblo
Painful Dive or Belly Flop: Kicking Buffalo – Yuma/Pathfinders
Little Snoring Eagle –Ottowa
Gold Bear – Coyotero
Red Eagle – Pueblo
The following 4 boys broke arrow and we hope to see them as part of the Pathfinders program this fall:
Big Komodo & brave Little Lizard – Tonkawa
Stumbling Eagle & brave Green Arrow – Tonkawa
Blue Fox & brave Red Fox – Chippewa
Shouting Tiger & brave Wondering Lizard – Kickapoo