Tribe of the Year Criteria

The qualification criteria and process of reviewing tribes for Tribe of the Year were revised for the 2018-2019 program year. We feel that there is great value in selecting one tribe each year as the Tribe of the Year. The revision to the qualification criteria makes it easier for tribes to qualify, makes it more fun to qualify, and changes the focus to be more in line with the intent and value of the program.

Instead of a building up a lengthy list of coup point related activities, a Tribe of the Year should make it clear that they embrace and embody the most important aspects of the Native Sons and Daughters Programs:

  • Parents and their children making lifelong memories together
  • Families having fun with their tribe at meetings, outings, and events
  • Giving back to your community
  • Making the program better and stronger for future members


In May, near the end of each program year, tribes will self-nominate to be considered for Tribe of the Year. As with previous years, the Federation Council expects to receive a Tribe of the Year presentation as a document, brochure, or video stating the tribe’s accomplishments, activities, and memories made for the program year. The criteria specified below should be specifically addressed in the presentation. The Council will review all of the presentations and vote on a Tribe of the Year.


  1. Take lots of pictures and videos throughout the program year
  2. Involve your kids with planning your meetings and outings
  3. Use your school-minded kids to help with the presentation
  4. Take inspiration from this TOTY Presentation Sample
  5. Get CREATIVE!

Criteria Considered

Required criteria

  • Submit a visual presentation at the end of the year, including photos/videos of the parents/kids participating (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, paper brochure, video)
  • 2nd year or older tribes only
  • 600 or more coup points
  • All tribe roles filled (chief, asst chief, wampum, tally)
  • Have minimal set of tribal property (5 or more of drum, totem, talking stick, coup stick, banner, tiki torch, property box, all kids with vest/patches)
  • At least 2 kids in tribe submit smoke signals article in the program year

Weighted/quantity-based criteria

The top three (meetings/outings/OWB) will be the most important during Federation Council review.

  • Regular tribe meetings (suggested 8+ in program year)
  • Regular tribe outings (or joint tribe outings)
  • % of OWB-qualified kids (see OWB Qualification Criteria)
  • % of tribe participating in recruitment (org night, sponsor tribe, recruit new members)
  • % of tribe having earned the eagle feather award (see Eagle Feather Award Program criteria)
  • % of tribe participating in federation-wide service project
  • % of tribe attending Sunshine State Pow Wow (aka Statewide)
  • % of tribe attending Native American Pow Wow
  • # of tribe service projects
  • # of new members recruited
  • # of times coup point reports submitted (this should be monthly)

Bonus criteria

  • US flag displayed at longhouses
  • Tribe chief possess and wear headdress
  • Tribe awarded at a longhouse (e.g. best campsite)
  • Create and maintain a tribe website (e.g. Facebook, Shutterfly)
  • Tribe member winning patch design contest
  • Recommendation to improve program being used