Order of the White Buffalo

The Sacred “Order of the White Buffalo”

Order of the White Buffalo patch designTo encourage tribes and tribe members to communicate, participate, get involved in the community, and have an active fun time in the program, the Order of the White Buffalo was established.

In the 2018-2019 program year, to be as fair to everyone as possible, OWB qualification changed from qualification-as-a-tribe to qualification-as-an-individual. Each child, by participating in the program and spending quality and quantity time with their parent, will be able to qualify for OWB.

Requirements to Qualify for Order of the White Buffalo

To gain membership in this sacred ORDER, a child tribe member (NOT just the parent) must meet or exceed the following requirements of outstanding participation in the program.

Being the age of social media, we’d like to see your photos being active in the program as well. Tag us on Facebook, mention us on Instagram, or email the Sand Painter with a photo of your child making these OWB-worthy memories.

Qualification Criteria:

  1. Join in the recruitment effort* by:
    • Attending an “Organizational Night” or recruitment event at a local school or church
    • Organizing your own recruitment event in your neighborhood, church, or sporting event
    • Distributing brochures and/or visiting classrooms at schools
    • Getting a friend or neighbor to join the program
  2. Actively serve your community* by:
    • Participating in two (2) community service projects during the program year
      NOTE: Things like our annual Toys for Tots drive do not count, however, organizing your own Toys for Tots drive would count
  3. Attend patch events:
    • Attend seven (7) or more patch events, which is approximately half of the events scheduled each program year
    • Registration or reconciliation through CircleBridge is required

* First-year members only need to do one service project and are exempt from recruiting

This ORDER is bestowed upon the most active members that devote their time and effort to what this program stands for: making lifelong family memories. It must be earned each year to retain membership. Some very special experiences await members of the “Order,” which will be cherished for a lifetime.

Current Year Progress

OWB Award Winners