Order of the White Buffalo

The Sacred “Order of the White Buffalo”

Order of the White Buffalo patch designTo encourage tribes to communicate, participate, get involved in the community, and have an active fun time in the program, the Order of the White Buffalo was established. And to be as fair to everyone as possible, the requirements for this order were made non-competitive (between tribes); this makes it possible for EVERY tribe to be in the OWB!

Thus far, the OWB has been very successful; communication through Tribe Council Reports, participation and community involvement have improved the quality and increased the enjoyment of our programs.

Requirements to Qualify for Order of the White Buffalo

To attain membership in the sacred “OWB,” a tribe must meet or exceed the following requirements of outstanding participation in the program:

  1. Timely reported Tribe Council Reports totaling at least:
    450 Coup Points – for NEW Tribes
    550 Coup Points – for existing Tribes
  2. Tribe must be represented (two or more families) at EVERY Federation/Nation function and have at least 50% participation at Longhouses.
  3. Tribe must do at least two “Service Projects” with a minimum of 80% tribe participation.
  4. Tribe must be represented at EVERY Federation/Nation “Tribe Chief’s Meeting.” (These meetings are normally held prior to each Longhouse and Buffalo Feast.)
  5. Existing Tribes must be involved in RECRUITMENT and…
    1. Be represented at the recruitment seminar.
    2. Be represented at an “Organizational Night.”
    3. Distribute brochures and/or visit classrooms at schools OR attend a “New Tribe” meeting.

This ORDER is bestowed upon the entire tribe and must be earned each year to retain membership. Some very special experiences await members of the “Order,” which will be cherished for a lifetime.