Suwannee Canoe Trip

Suwannee Canoe Trip

Princesses and Braves, get your big Braves (and Big Tau’s too, this is a family trip for anyone interested). Once again it is time to load the dugouts for a trip way down upon the Suwannee River. We will meet up on Saturday July 29, 2017 at 9:30 am at the Canoe Outpost at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. We will paddle down to the Holton Creek River Camp where we will spend the night, grilling the gifts of the Great Spirit, and enjoying fellowship. In the morning we will paddle to Gibson Park where the folks from Canoe Outpost will pick us up and take us back to our vehicles. We are usually back at the Canoe Outpost and headed back to Jacksonville no later than 2 p.m. Best news: No upstream paddle this year!!!

The facilities at the river camp include, fresh water (a little sulphuric, good for washing not so good for drinking), flushing porcelain, and hot water showers. There are screened and roofed sleeping platforms for the first 40 people who register. After that you need to bring a tent. I will let you know beforehand if you need to bring a tent if you are after the cut-off.

The Federation will provide the charcoal and lighter fluid for the state park style grills. You bring your meat of choice and any sides and drinks, and don’t forget something to flip your meat. Foil wrapped pre-cooked baked potatoes do not take long to reheat in the coals. Breakfast is your choice. I always bring a camp stove and a big pot for boiling water. And I will have percolator coffee, with sugar and cream for the morning coffee drinkers.

Pack light. Everything you bring has to fit in your boat and be carried up a lot of stairs. If you bring it, it will probably get wet. Things can change, but the river has been a little lower than usual and may require more paddling than prior years.

Cost is as follows:
Rent a boat from CO:

  • $75 to rent a canoe, minimum 2 per canoe at $37.50 each.
  • $20 for the third person in a boat.

Bring your own boat:

  • $20 per person.

The cost covers boat rental, gratuity for the drivers, charcoal, and lighter fluid.

Please download a liability waiver required for each person. Completing it at home and bringing it with you will speed up our departure.

Dates: July 29, 2017
Location: Spirit of the Suwannee Canoe Outpost
Registration (Bring Canoe/Extra Person): CircleBridge
Registration (Rent Canoe): CircleBridge

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